Newlink team


With years of experience in shipbuilding, land construction, management, recruitment, 

marketing and IT we link all our companies for project completion

in the most professional and

modern way possible.


Mantas Mockus


+370 656 14 425

Andrius Mockus

Supply chain officer

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Emanuelis Kamarauskas

Public Relations director

+370 641 19 828

Here at Newlink we strongly

believe that the power and success of the business lays in the hands of ordinary people.


We are here to implement cost cutting solutions for our partners in Human resource recruitment and development, that guarantees both time saving and money.

For the searchers our mission is clear, mute the noise levels around their work search, so that people could focus only on realizing the project, as we will take care of the rest.

Olga Moshchenkova

Project coordinator

+370 667 58 899

MB Newlink Team

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Finland code: 3018537-6

VAT: LT100012402717



Liepų g. 83, Klaipėda

Lighthouse business centre

Lithuania, 92195 


Simona Murnikovaitė

Digital Support manager

+370 689 14 233

Working hours

I-V 9.00 - 17.00
VI - VII day-offs

Indrė Lukšienė


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+370 66 75 8899